IL Women



This organization shall be known as the National Girls Lacrosse League.

The objective of the National Girls Lacrosse League is to provide an opportunity for girls lacrosse players in the middle and lower school ages to play in a nationally organized lacrosse league.


 The purpose is to develop and grow the game of girls’ lacrosse throughout the United States by having local regional competition in a spring league with all regional winners advancing to a national championship tournament.


Any girls’ lacrosse club who wishes to seek membership into the NGLL must have at least two teams available to enter into the league.  No single team organizations will be accepted into the NGLL.  Any club organization desiring to join should contact their closest regional director for registration information.

Article V Classifications

a) Players – any girls’ lacrosse athlete meeting the requirements of the National Girls Lacrosse League which is of middle school and lower school years.  No player may play down an age group by graduation year.  Players may play up in an older graduation year.

b) Coaches:  – any adult over the ages of 18 who oversees and takes responsibility for a team on the sidelines.


c)  Club directors:  - A person or a board of directors who oversees all of the teams utilizing their club name.


d)  Regional Director:  The person in charge of a geographic region’s registration, scheduling and logistics.


The fees will be determined yearly based on the needs of the local regions.


The officers of the NGLL shall  be as follows:

 1) President

2) National Director

3) Treasurer

4) Regional Directors

ARTICLE VIII     Coaches and Referees

All of the above people shall be reviewed and approved by the NGLL Regional directors.  Their character must be of high quality to the reflection they will cast upon the players.  Directors are allowed to coach or manage a team in their league.


Coaches:  If any of the following violations occur, any manager or coach of the Region, will be suspended for the remainder of that game, plus the following game.  During this time, there shall be no contact with their respective team during games.  No exceptions.  If more than one violation occurs at the same time or any violation on a separate occasions, the Region Director will review to decide
the status of that person, for the remainder of the season, and will have the responsibility to issue discipline at their discretion.

1) Any alcohol or illegal drug use, before and/or during any practices or games.

2) Any fighting causing harm to another person or persons, before, during or after  a game.

3) Actions that result in the intimidation of players.

4) Any foul or abusive language directed toward any player, umpire or the general public, before, during or after a game.

5) Any item being thrown that could cause harm (i.e. bats, clipboards or other playing equipment).  These items are examples and this rule is not limited to these.

Officials:  Any and all umpires will be subject to the same rules as stated above for coaches.

NGLL Players:  Any player will be ejected from participating in their game for violating a first offense of the following rules.  More than one violation at the same time or on a separate occasion will result in a review by the Region Driector on whether the player will be allowed to play out the remaining season.

1) Any fighting causing harm to another person or persons, before, during or after a game.

2) Any illegal drug and/or alcohol use before or during a game or practice.

Fans and General Public:  Fans will automatically be ejected from NGLL games for unsportsmanlike conduct such as:  Foul and abusive language directed toward another fan, the players, the officials or the coaches.   More than one violation by the same fan will result in a season ban from the NGLL.

ARTICLE X    Game Rules

All rules for game play are posted on the website


Article XI       National Tournament Participation

All teams who win their respective regions in local play are required to participate in the national tournament each year at a to-be-determined site and date.